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Performing Tumescent Technique Liposuction

Posted On: November 30, 2011 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Liposuction



Before & After PatientThe above patient is a young 22-year-old female presenting with gynoid appearance, significant iliac crest roll hip fat as well as anteromedial, posterolateral and infragluteal fold fat.  The patient is an excellent candidate for tumescent liposuction using micro liposuction techniques with infiltration of tumescent fluid.  The patient underwent the procedure and this is her 8-week postoperative visit.  Notice the smoothing out nicely of the iliac crest rolls and the lower anteromedial thighs.  Notice also softening of the lateral thigh saddle bag areas with great reduction in size of the diameter of the thigh itself.  She has a more smooth even appearance of her upper, middle and lower third of her body.

Performing tumescent technique liposuction with Lidocaine, epinephrine and sodium chloride for wetting solution and small 2 and 3 mm cannulas in the bi-directional fashion of the iliac crest roll hip area as well as suctioning the deep localized fat of the inner and outer thigh and infragluteal banana roll area can lead to a very nice natural result with a tapering affect of the lower third to be evened out with the upper and midriff area.  This is a classic example of severe gynoid appearance, correctable by micro liposculpture tumescent technique.