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Posted On: September 08, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Media


Television and radio are very impressive media for displaying all types of venues, including plastic surgery and plastic surgery products.  In general, programs on plastic surgery can be educational in documentary form, can be in entertainment form or can be a combination of both.  Shows such as Discovery Health Channel, The Learning Channel and Woman’s Entertainment that Dr. Linder has been on have allowed for a documentary of a woman’s life, showing her before and after transition.  In the near future, Dr. Linder will be performing a total body makeover on a patient who from out-of-state, who has lost more than her entire body weight after a gastric sleeve surgery.  She will undergo formal mastopexies with abdominoplasties and thigh liposuctioning procedures in order to regain her shape after a 180-pound weight loss.  She is presently 135 pounds.  This will be taped for documentary television in order to show this woman’s amazing transformation after her massive weight loss procedure.

Plastic surgery performances can also be entertaining.  Some shows have allowed the doctors’ lives to be displayed, which can be very impressive as well as interesting, but may take away from the most important point, which is the actual transformation both psychologically and physiologically, and postsurgical results of the patient’s amazing transformation.

We will continue to perform documentaries for television in order to educate the public and allow for women throughout the world to understand the best procedures and safest operation when considering plastic surgery of the body.