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Severe Breast Asymmetry and Tubular Breast Deformity

Posted On: November 04, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Asymmetry, Breast Implants, Home, Tubular Breast

Patients present to us with severe congenital breast deformities.  The next example shows a patient with severe breast asymmetry, and tubular breast deformity.  Notice on the right breast there is minimal breast tissue with pseudo-herniation of the breast tissue into the nipple areolar complex, no inframammary fold and blunting along the lower pole of her breast.  The left breast has a conical tubular-like shape and is significantly larger in size.  In order to recreate normalcy to her breasts, two different size implants will be used in the dual plane (two-thirds under the muscle, one-third over the muscle) and tissue will be removed under the nipple areolar complex along the periareolar incision in order to smooth out the nipple areolar complex.  Postoperatively, the patient required six weeks of upper pole compression band in order to allow for inferior displacement of the implants and elevation of the nipple areolar complex as well as to maintain a rounding out shape along the lower pole of the breast.  Her after photos show good symmetry with smoothing out of the nipple areolar complex, reduction of the conical and protuberant shape of the breasts and a well-defined inframammary fold along the right breast.

Operations for tubular breast deformity with breast asymmetry are tricky, requiring a skilled, experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Although these are challenging cases, they are exceptionally rewarding when the results can improve the self-esteem of a woman for the rest of her life.

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