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Severe Breast Asymmetry Augmentation Correction

Posted On: April 19, 2019 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Asymmetry

Reconstruction of severe congenital breast asymmetry should only be performed by a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Reconstruction surgery is a very difficult operation in which the breasts must be reduced while maintaining and preserving sensitivity as well as blood supply to the inferior pedicle, maintaining the nipple areolar complex.

Reconstruction Patients

Breast Asymmetry Before and AfterThis patient specifically presents with left breast asymmetry, two cup sizes larger than the right. She will undergo bilateral reduction mammoplasty on the left breast only, using the inferior pedicle Wise-pattern technique. Approximately 180 grams of tissue was removed, and skin was excised circumferentially around the nipple areolar complex, vertically on the inferior pedicle, and medial and lateral dermoglandular flap dissection was accomplished. This patient is now six months postoperative. We have reduced about one and a half cup sizes on the left, equaling symmetry to the right breast. We have also raised the nipple areolar complex on the left. It will continue to slightly descend over the next six months.

The next photo shows the patient in her brassiere, showing excellent symmetry with good upper pole fullness on the left, equal to the right side. Congenital breast asymmetry on a simple unilateral reduction mammoplasty such as this can lead to excellent results. It is extremely important not to over-resect tissue on the affected breast which could lead to severe deformity requiring implantation.

Woman in Black Bra (After Image)

Correcting Skin Laxity

Breast Asymmetry Before and AfterThis is an excellent case example of a patient that presents with significant skin laxity of the left breast greater than the right. She also has asymmetry with the left breast significantly larger than the right. The patient declined to have any form of significant scars on the breast mound itself except for under the nipple. The operation performed included bilateral saline augmentation mammoplasty using high profile saline implants through the dual plane as well as the removal of inferior breast tissue which allowed tightening of the lower pole of the left breast without a vertical scar.

Her postoperative result shows nice symmetry with good cleavage, a decrease in the pectus excavatum that is notable preoperatively, the upper pole shows great fullness and the nipple on the left has come up significantly, although it is not quite as high as the right side. This is an excellent example of asymmetry with skin laxity in which the patient can achieve a reasonably good result using high profile saline implants in a limited pocket without a breast lift.

Correcting Severe Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry Before and After photoThis patient presents with severe breast asymmetry. A 21-year-old white female presenting with hypoplastic left breast is an excellent candidate for an augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile saline implants. The patient underwent augmentation mammoplasty procedure using the dual plane technique through the periareolar approach. On the right breast, a 200 cc high profile saline implant was filled to 240, and on the left, a 350 cc was filled to 380 cc.

The patient is now shown eight weeks out of surgery, and has noticeably excellent symmetry. There is some redness around the periareolar scar in the Linder Sport Bra. There is equal upper pole fullness, and the patient is happy with her results. Breast asymmetry without skin laxity can normally be corrected by different volume saline or silicone implants, although saline implants are slightly easier to use due to the ability to titrate the volumes of the bags.

Woman in bright pink support bra

Case Study

Breast Asymmetry Correction

This 25-year-old female patient came into my Beverly Hills office and presented a severe breast asymmetry condition. As you can see by the before photo, her left breast is much larger than the right. During the consultation she expressed that she was hoping through breast augmentation, symmetry could be achieved. After listening to her and setting expectations, we agreed to schedule surgery.

Breast Asymmetry Before and After photo

During the surgery, I placed a 500 cc implant on the right breast and a 200 cc implant on the left. I also performed a full breast lift on the left. The post-op (after photo) is now 5 weeks out, and she is extremely happy with her breast being evenly balanced.

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