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Posted On: July 09, 2012 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

Dr. Linder has now trademarked, patent-pending to the ultimate sports bra.  Sexy Shape Wear’s new Linder Sport Bra is the ultimate bra for vigorous workouts, including ultimate fitness models, muscle and fitness trainers as well as marathon runners worldwide.  It presents with Underwire Free Support (UFS) with a special internal banding that helps support the breasts, at the same time, allowing for complete compression and comfort.  It also has the no-slip ribbing which allows perfect support on the back during vigorous workouts and training.  Its bi-directional stretch both vertically and transversely allows for complete comfort during running long distance marathons.  Finally, it presents with the most beautiful colors, including pink, black and white of any bra in the world.  Dr. Linder is excited to have the Linder Sport Bra coming soon.  It may be ordered online at .