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Teenage Tranformation Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Posted On: March 04, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Lift, Plastic Surgery, Tummy Tuck

The patient below presented to my office at the age of 18.  She had lost well over half her entire body weight, over 140 pounds.  She was left with massive amounts of hanging skin from her breasts and abdominal area.  She had such a remarkable weight loss that she will be featured on CBS Early Show in New York in the upcoming month of March 2010.  The surgery was filmed as a documentary and below you will see her “before” photos.  She has severe grade 3 ptosis, massive amounts of abdominal wall skin laxity and a massive pannus.  She also has had massive weight loss.  Although she is quite young, only 18 years old, she is an excellent candidate for plastic surgery in reconstruction of her breasts and abdomen.  The perfect surgery for this patient is a formal mastopexy (a breast lift), without implants, and a massive tummy tuck (referred to as a panniculectomy).  The muscles were not plicated as she is only 18 years old and she may have children in the future.

Teenage Tranformation The patient underwent a formal breast lift and abdominoplasty or panniculectomy procedure approximately two months ago.  Her postoperative photos, as you can see, show excellent elevation of the skin.  Her nipple areolar complexes were made smaller to approximately 5 cm (they were 12 cm preoperatively).  She also has an excellent abdominoplasty result showing the entire roll of skin is gone.  This will reduce her weight of tissue causing her back pain.  As well, the rashes and dermatitis are now permanently resolved.  The patient could not be happier.  She and her mother are absolutely delighted with the results.  We are excited to have this patient featured next month on national television.