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Breast Revision and Mini Abdominoplasty

Posted On: March 01, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Breast Revision, Home, Tummy Tuck

The patient below presented to Dr. Linder from Beaumont, Texas.  She was unhappy with the hardening and scar tissue as well as the appearance of her breasts.  She had painful breast deformity with significant scar tissue and encapsulation of the pockets.  The nipples were also significantly low on her breasts that she really had somewhat of a double-bubble breast deformity, the left side greater than the right, with some skin over-drape, nipple positioning low and the implants superiorly retropositioned.  On the abdominal area she disliked the lower abdominal poochiness and the adiposity lipodystrophy of the lower abdominal iliac crest rolls.  She also had some indentation from a previous cesarian scar along the lower abdominal wall.  This patient is an excellent candidate and example of a breast revision surgery with bilateral open periprosthetic capsulectomy, removal and replacement with high profile cohesive silicone gel implants and a formal mastopexy, and in this specific case, a vertical mastopexy, repositioning of the nipple areolar complex superiorly with a lollipop-like scar.

Breast Revision and Tummy Tuck pre-op and post-op photos

Pre-Op and Post-Op Photos

The mini-abdominoplasty was perfect in this situation in that she did not have enough skin laxity to perform a full tummy tuck; however, I could bring the skin down, tighten the rectus sheath, plicate the rectus muscle and lipo sculpture the hips to give her a cleaner, smoother appearance and narrow the hips as well.  Notice, in her postoperative photo she has softer breasts, the nipple areolar complex is now central within the breast itself rather than inferiorly positioned as well as the cleavage is enhanced and she has more natural upper pole fullness.

The abdominal area shows nice contouring of the lower abdominal.  The pooch is pretty much resolved and gone and the hips are much smoother.  The patient is extraordinarily pleased.  In fact, the following testimonial from the patient indicates her thoughts from her surgery.

“I live in Texas and found Dr. Linder on the internet. I called his office and spoke with Adriana the office manager. She was amazing and answered all my questions. I then scheduled a phone consult with Dr. Linder. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Dr. Linder and scheduled and appt. to meet with him. Always looking for an excuse to visit California, I flew out to meet with him. Afterwards, I was confident that his expertise and wisdom concerning breast revision surgery would give me great results. I scheduled my surgery and was amazed with the results. I experienced very little pain or discomfort and had excellent care by Dr. Linder post op. I am very pleased, this is my 3rd breast surgery and in the words of my husband, he says my breast look “magnificent”. We are both very happy. Thanks to Dr. Linder and his surgical staff for a wonderful experience.”