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Tubular Breast Augmentation and Bra Bulge Liposuction

Posted On: November 03, 2016 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Bra Bulge, Breast Augmentation, Breast topics

I evaluated a 25-year-old female who was unhappy with not only the size of her breast but also its shape, which was due to her slight tubular breast deformity that caused a poorly defined inframammary fold. In other words, there was no fold along the bottom of the breast, and the flattening of the lower pole did not give her that round shape but rather an almost triangular shape. During her consultation, she also mentioned that she was looking to remove the fat tissue up by her armpits, which we call “bra bulge.” After listening to her desires and setting her expectations, we agreed to an augmentation mammoplasty and bi-directional lipectomy.

During her augmentation, I placed the 420 cc SRX silicone gel implants under the muscle (sub-glandular placement). I also released along the inframammary fold in a radial striated fashion to round out the lower pole of the breast and removed tubular breast tissue. To address the bra bulge, I made a small incision in the anterior axillary line just lateral to the pectoralis major border and used tumescent liposuction to remove the fat in this area.

The photo above is three months post op, and she is very happy with the round fullness of her breasts. She is also excited about how she looks in a sports bra now that her bra bulge is gone.

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