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Specific Areas That Liposuction Can Treat

Posted On: January 03, 2020 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas on the body. Liposuction is most commonly used to treat the abdominal area. However, below are other areas of the body that are sometimes overlooked where liposuction can really help to shape and contour.


Before & After Patient

Bra buldge is that pesky fat pad that can be found just lateral or outside the outer edge of the pectoralis major muscle. When women wear brassieres, it’s not infrequent that this bra fat that pushes out can be irritating, painful, rashes can form and they can develop dermatitis. This bra bulge can also be unsightly, especially in clothing where this lateral breast region is exposed. On national television Dr. Linder performed a bra bulge procedure, removing this fat using a small triple lumen Mercedes tip cannula to sculp the lateral fat pad resolving the bra bulge. The results can be quite traumatic. This can be performed under either local IV sedation or general anesthesia, depending upon the amount of adiposity. Patients with increased skin laxity at this region may require a skin excision at the same as tumescent liposuction of this bra bulge fat pad. Compressive garments for at least six weeks should be used postoperatively. Sutures remain in for approximately 14 days.


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The Muffin Top specifically is associated with the adiposity or lipodystrophy fat pads within the iliac crest roll or hip region and the lower flanks. It can also extend to the lower abdominal or periumbilical region. Dr. Linder performed a muffin top procedure on national television recently. The patient was brought to the operating room, administered general anesthesia, although IV sedation may be used on smaller localized muffin top regions of the hips. The fat is directly lipo sculptured with tumescent technique using a bi-directional technique. Both superficial and deep fat is removed with as 4 mm and a 3 mm triple lumen Mercedes blunt tip cannula. Subsequently, fat is removed directly perpendicular to the pelvic bone in order to smooth out and contour the medial hip region. The results can be absolutely fantastic. Six weeks of compression garments are placed. Patients who have significant fatty tissue around the lower abdomen can be sculpted at the same time leading to a completely sculpted muffin top region.


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The Muffin Bottom consists of sculpting three different regions at one time, the infragluteal fold, the medial posterior thigh and the lateral posterior saddlebag region. The muffin bottom can be sculpted using the tumescent technique under either IV sedation or general anesthesia. This was sculpted for a national television program recently and the results are dramatic. Care must be taken to avoid over-sculpting the infragluteal fold to prevent increased skin laxity or contour deformity.


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Saddlebags are that localized fat deposits in the outer thigh region which cannot be removed through diet and exercise. These are resistant genetic fat pads which can only be removed through direct surgical liposculpture. Dr. Linder performs a double layer criss-cross technique using a deep 4 mm cannula and a superficial 3 mm cannula to remove the fat in the lateral thigh region in a criss-cross perpendicular manner. Meticulous and precise sculpting of the lateral thigh as well as removing some of the anteromedial inner thigh and iliac crest roll or hip thigh fat can completely contour the thigh, removing the saddlebags and proportionating the lower third of the body with the midriff and upper portions of a woman’s anatomy. This was performed recently on national television with the following pre- and postoperative results. Liposuctioning of different areas of the body follow similar patterns with respect to technique. I use tumescent fluid in all these regions in order to

  • 1) contour the fat, hydrating the fat cells, reducing the contour deformity and skin irregularity;
  • 2) reduce bruising and bleeding by using the epinephrine to vasoconstrict the blood vessels;
  • 3) to use Lidocaine in order to reduce pain by allowing for numbness.


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The knob knee procedure is an excellent procedure that Dr. Linder performs removing the inner or medial knee pad. This is an area referred to as “the knob knee area” where when the legs are brought together these areas of fat show disproportionate distribution of the fat or adiposity leading to a knob knee appearance. This can be removed through simple microscopic pathology lipo-sculpting under sedation or local anesthesia with a small 2 mm triple lumen blunt tip cannula. This is a nice well-defined fat pad in the medial knee area which can easily be suctioned out and cleaned to allow a nice contour of the inner knee region.

Dr. Linder performs knob knee procedures on majority of patients undergoing lower extremity liposuction of the saddlebags, medial thighs and hip areas in order to allow for a nice medial contour.

Case Study: “Linder Knob Knee Lipectomy Procedure”

Patients present for liposuction of the medial and lateral thighs, but also have concerns of their inner knee area. A small stab incision can be made under local or IV sedation in the medial knee area (the inner knee) and a small fat pad usually as well localized fat that can be suctioned using a very small 2 mm cannula after a small infiltrate of tumescent fluid. This fat pad is usually a compact fat and therefore suctions out smoothly and evenly without skin laxity problems or looseness of the skin.

The example shown shows a patient with well-defined inner knee/knob knee lipodystrophy and postoperative day one shows smoothing out of the inner knees and a small amount of bruising which is expended. The knob knee procedure can be performed with total body contouring, including inner and outer thigh liposuction which helps once again to give enhanced contour of the entire inner medial thigh area from the knee all the way up to the groin.

Before & After Patient

Pre Op Back View / Post Op Back View / Post Op Frontal View

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