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Why Women May Consider Breast Implant Removal

Posted On: November 06, 2014 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast topics, Implant Removal


Here in my Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice I see patient everyday who choose to enhance their breast for a variety of personal reasons; likewise, there are women who decide to remove their breast implants. Over the years women have explained why they have been considering this option and I thought I would share their thoughts.

If you wish to have your implants removed rather than undergo breast implant revision, feel free to give us a call so we can review your options. (310) 275-4513)

Wants to Feel Healthier

Weight Gain

Uncomfortable and Heavy

Breasts Begin to Sag

Stay Implant Free

Much Too Large

Feel Normal Again

It’s Just Time

Never Looked or Felt Right

Finally Want to be Myself

Looking so Unnatural.

No Longer Needed for Appearance in Clothing

Implants Have Become Deformed