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Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine

The Truth About Your Breasts

Courtesy of Muscle & Fitness: Hers

Written by Kimberly Flynn in 2006

"Where you live, what your friends look like, and what your mate likes make a big impact on whether a woman finds large breasts beautiful," says Elizabeth Fagan, C.S.W., a private-practice psychotherapist in New York City. Overall, the pendulum does appear to be swinging towards a world where bigger is not always better. "Certainly the fashion industry has exploded in its development of different types of padding, inserts, cushions, and tapes for those who don't want to commit to a size or undergo surgery", she says.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at the cover of any tabloid. From the "It" girls (Lindsay, Hilary, Paris, Nicole, and Mary Kate and Ashley) to established superstars (Shakira, J.Lo, Kim Cattrall, Nicole Kidman, even Jennifer Aniston), B-cups are now seemingly the breast size of choice when it comes to ruling the red carpet.

In fact, the new Hollywood trend may actually be moving toward smaller breasts. "I've seen a huge increase in the number of women getting breast-reduction surgery in my clinic over the past few years," says Stuart A. Linder, M.D., F.A.C.S., a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. "Within 10 years, we may see a 10%-15% growth in the number of women having the procedure done," he says. (A number that he says includes both the reduction of naturally large breasts and the removal of implants.)

"Sure, there will always be big breasts," says Fagan, "but today, we have a larger range of what is beautiful than ever before. Sexy may mean a plunging neckline and beautiful collarbones, or beautiful shoulders and a sexy back, rather than Anna Nicole-size breasts."

And for that, women of all shapes and sizes across the world have reason to rejoice.

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