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Breast Asymmetry in Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Posted On: September 03, 2008 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Asymmetry

Patients every day of the week come to my Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery practice with severe breast asymmetry. In fact, today on August 29, 2008, all four of my surgeries have severe breast asymmetry to the point where all four patients will have different size implants placed in each breast. Interestingly, they will also have breast lifts or some form of skin removal on one breast only due to the severe deficit of asymmetry. We deal with asymmetry every single day. Slight asymmetry is actually normal in most women’s breasts. However, when it becomes significant and a woman cannot fill in a brassiere symmetrically or cannot wear a bikini top, this can be very distressing.

Before: Right 34C Left 34A After: Right Mastopexy Left 390cc

Before: Right 34C Left 34A After: Right Mastopexy Left 390cc

Dr. Linder absolutely loves the challenge of reconstructing breasts that are completely different. In general, breast asymmetry is not that abnormal. Usually, one breast is small and tight and may be tubular in shape while the other breast is usually significantly larger, up to two to three cup sizes larger and is sagging, which will require a breast lift concurrently with implants placed.

We see patients throughout the world and right here in Hollywood, celebrities, actresses and mainstream Hollywood directors, producers, etc., who present with deformities of their breasts associated with asymmetry. We love the challenge of fixing these and are happy to work with each patient on their individual needs.