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Celebrity Body Sculpting Procedure

Posted On: September 02, 2008 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting

Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Interesting, many patients, including celebrities do less homework in seeking out a qualified plastic surgeon than they do looking for an Hermes Berkin or Gucci bag, or a new pair of Valentino shoes on Rodeo Drive.

Recently, in the National Enquirer, August 2008 Edition, there were horrendous before and after pictures of the myriad of celebrities who had undergone facial as well as body sculpting procedures. The facial results looked quite disturbing. Often, the patients’ lips are over-injected, the facelifts are pulled too tight and the brows are very unnatural in appearance. The body sculpting procedures, including the breast augmentations, showed poor cleavage, and saggy skin with large implants hanging straight down. These patients throughout the years either have had weight fluctuations or have had improper surgeries, thereby not correcting their problems to start with.

When we see patients of all walks of life, celebrity or no celebrity, the correct surgery must be performed. If the patient needs a breast lift, she has to have a breast lift. Otherwise, we do not perform the operation. If there is too much skin in the lower abdomen area, we’re going to do a full tummy tuck. It is irrelevant as to who the patient is, whether the patient is a Hollywood celebrity or whether the patient is a middle class American working in any field. They should have the same experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performing the correct operation.