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Posted On: July 27, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision, Home

breast_rev81aRecently, we’ve seen an increased number of breast revision surgical patients here in Beverly Hills.  These patients present with a multitude of problems, including severe encapsulation with Baker IV capsular contractures, double-bubble breast deformities, malpositioning of the implants, ruptured silicone and saline implants with painful breast deformities and a multitude of other problems.  These patients can also have combinations of the above with double-bubble deformities and ruptured silicone implants concurrently or malpositioning of the implants with bottoming out.

breast_rev3In any case, each case is a puzzle and the puzzle needs to be reviewed in order to recreate a normal appearance and shape of the breast.  We prefer to see the patients a minimum of two times preoperatively in order to determine what is necessary to correct the patient’s deformities.

Please refer to and to evaluate the different complications of breast augmentation and how they can be successfully repaired in a safe and predictable manner.