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Capsulectomy Versus Capsulotomy

Posted On: January 11, 2011 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision


Breast Augmentation ModelWhen performing breast revision surgery, it is extremely important to understand when to do a capsulectomy versus capsulotomy or perform both operations at the same surgical setting.
One of the most common complications after breast enhancement surgery is scar tissue formation around the implants.  This can happen to any patient at any time postoperative.  It may be associated with micro infection of staph; however, the specific etiology is unknown.  Capsulectomies are performed with scar tissue release to remove circumferentially around the implant from the underbelly surface of the pectoralis major muscle or in the retromammary plane directly from the breast tissue.  Severe encapsulation and a Baker IV capsular contracture usually requires some form of scar tissue removal through a capsulectomy.  Patients who have very thin ectomorphic build and have minimal breast tissue may only be able to undergo capsulotomy with releasing the scar tissue; however, not removing much of any in order to prevent visibility and rippling of the implants.  An experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon should understand the difference between the scar tissue removal versus release and when to remove versus release the scar tissue only.  Each patient must be specifically identified as a unique individual and capsulectomy versus capsulotomy can only be determined by an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.