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Category: Tummy Tuck


Posted On: March 26, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

STATUS POST MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS The patient presents with significant weight loss, well over 120 pounds, leaving her with severe breast asymmetry, grade 3 ptosis, massive abdominal pannus, skin laxity with residual lipodystrophy of the iliac crest roll hips.  The patient presented for breast enhancement, breast mastopexy and full tummy tuck procedure.  The frontal views […]

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Total Body Sculpting Beverly Hills

Posted On: March 20, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

BREAST DYSPHORIA, INVOLUTIONAL ATROPHY AND ABDOMINAL LAXITY This patient presents with bilateral breast dysphoria, involution upper pole atrophy, abdominal rectus diastasis and lipodystrophy of the iliac crest rolls.  Her before photo shows complete loss of fullness of the upper poles of her breast as well as lipodystrophy of a muffin top and a lower abdominal skin […]

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Multiple Body Reconstructions Beverly Hills

Posted On: March 12, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

MULTIPLE BODY RECONSTRUCTIONS The patient presents with severe Baker IV capsular contracture, painful breast deformity with bilateral breast implants presented over 15 years ago by a different surgeon.  She also has multiple abdominal wall hernias both epigastric and umbilical and incisional status post midline laparotomy for 11 ulcerations in her gastric region.  The patient underwent […]

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Total Body Sculpting Beverly Hills

Posted On: February 10, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Patients present to my practice weekly for body sculpting and total body makeovers, including breast implants, breast lifts and tummy tucks.  These mothers have often had multiple pregnancies and have had significant weight fluctuations associated with the pregnancy. This patient is a very typical example of a women who has gained over 70 pounds with […]

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Full Complete Abdominoplasty Versus Mini Tummy Tuck

Posted On: February 02, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Patients often present to my office weekly in Beverly Hills, desiring abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure after having given birth to one or multiple children, as well as to significant weight fluctuation or weight loss after gastric bypass surgery.  Determination must be made during the examination as to the extent of dissection required for the […]

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Umbilicoplasty Surgery

Posted On: January 10, 2013 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Patients presents for umbilicoplasty reconstruction most often concurrent with full tummy tuck procedures.  The umbilicus is an area that can be a focal point on a woman’s abdomen due to gaining of weight, loss of weight as well as pregnancy.  The umbilicus can change shape, form and also can go from inverted to externally protruded […]

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Posted On: December 14, 2012 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Patients present for abdominoplasty procedures as well as the tummy tuck revision to my Beverly Hills office and surgical practice.  These patients often present unhappy with dog ears as well as lower abdominal fulness as well as scarring along the lower abdominal wall.  Other problems can include inadequate plication of the upper rectus diastasis.  As […]

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Massive Abdominal Pannus

Posted On: November 20, 2012 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

MASSIVE ABDOMINAL PANNUS  WITH VENTRAL EPIGASTRIC AND UMBILICAL HERNIA REPAIR The patient is a 45-year-old African-American female presenting from out of state with significant abdominal wall protrusion.  On examination, it was very evident that she had a significant hernia, both in the upper epigastric area as well as the umbilicus.  As a result, the patient […]

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Posted On: October 16, 2012 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Recently, I posted an article on abdominoplasty and tummy tuck procedure on  Tummy tucks are one of my most common surgical procedures that I perform in my Beverly Hills Surgery Center.  In order to create a beautiful abdomen with patients who have either had significant weight loss, fluctuation of weight or have had multiple […]

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