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Gel-Filled Breast Implant Sizes

Posted On: January 26, 2011 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants


Breast ImplantNow in 2011, women have four choices for smooth, round, silicone gel implants for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.  Natrelle Allergen gel implants come in sizes of Style 10, 15, 20 and now 45.  Style 10 is a moderate profile smooth, round implant that has low projection, AP projection and wide diameter.  Style 15 implants are the mid-range implants that are a moderate profile and have a little more projection and less diameter.  Style 20 implants are very useful high profile smooth silicone implants with a narrow base and increased significant AP projection.  The Style 45 is the fullest, roundest implant on the market.  It is the extra high profile implant with a narrow space and most fullness.  I prefer not to use Style 10 moderate profile implants at any time.  Style 15 and 20 are the most commonly used implants in my practice.  Style 20 implants are for more upper pole fullness than Style 15, for patients who want a little less.  Style 45 implants are now available and show increased AP projection and may be too much fullness for patients who want a more natural upper pole.  However, Style 45 implants may also be useful to reduce visibility because they are a rounder shape and by physics, the rounder the shape of the object, the less visibility and rippling of the sides.