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Inspira Silicone Gel Allergan Pharmaceuticals

Posted On: February 26, 2016 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants, Breast topics

Dr. Linder has had the privilege to have consignment of the new Inspira silicone gel implants series by Allergan Pharmaceuticals.  He has been using these implants for over eight months.  Only a select group of plastic surgeons in the United States have the honor and privilege to use the new Allergan silicone Inspira gel series.  He prefers both the SRF, which has replaced the Style 20 gel implant and the SRX, which has replaced the Style 45 Allergan gel implant.  These implants are greatly preferred by Dr. Linder because they are more cohesive with more silicone gel within the implant, over 90% fill, and therefore visible rippling is significantly less.  He does not prefer to use the SRM in the majority of patients who have thin tissue because the moderate profile SRMs do still so visibility and rippling in some patients.  However, the SRF and SRX have great increase fill and are way superior over the previous Style 20 and 45 gel implants.

The following three patients above all underwent SRF silicone gel augmentation that is the natural appearance of the upper pole, soft breasts with excellent cleavage and no visible rippling.  The Allergan Pharmaceutical series of implants continues to improve over time, especially with the new Inspira gels.  These implants should be placed in the dual plane technique or subpectoral pocket.  Dr. Linder performs periareolar approach and patients have had excellent results and are very satisfied with the final appearance with these more cohesive gel implants.

Table Provide By ALLERGAN

Table Provide By ALLERGAN