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Mommy Makeover Beverly Hills

Posted On: March 30, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Breast Augmentation, Home, Mommy Makovers, Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover Preop Photos This patient is an excellent candidate for combined augmentation mammoplasty procedure, abdominoplasty, as well as tumescent lipo-sculpting of hips and inner and outer thighs.  The patient has had a cesarian section and has had delivery of three children.  On breast exam, she has involutional upper pole atrophy, loss of complete fullness of her upper breast fullness.  She is a good candidate for silicone gel augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile 325 cc implants.  She also has laxity of the lower abdominal skin which will require a further abdominoplasty as well as to tighten up the periumbilical area and the hypogastrium.  She has saddlebags in anteromedial thigh areas which can be sculpted nicely with tumescent liposuction technique.

Mommy Makeover Postop PhotosThe patient is now six weeks post surgical, status post silicone gel augmentation mammoplasty procedure with high profile gel 325 cc Natrelle implants placed to the dual plane with a small incision underneath the nipple.  She also has a full abdominoplasty, and plication of the midline rectus sheath.  The rectus muscles have been plicated into the midline.  She also has undergone a core sculpting of the inner and outer thighs.  Please note her pre- and postoperative photos.  The patient is six weeks post surgical and is doing extraordinarily well.  This is an excellent example of our usual and customary Mommy Makeover procedure combining breast enhancement, full abdominoplasty and sculpting of the inner and outer thigh areas.