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Posted On: March 26, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

Regardless of the age of the patient, when a patient has massive weight loss, skin removal becomes an inevitable requirement in order to reduce the consequence of that weight loss.

An 18-year-old African-American female presented to our office with her mother. She weighed approximately 295 pounds and had lost over 145 pounds, staying currently at 150 pounds. The patient had massive amounts of skin both from the breast and abdominal area. She is an excellent candidate for a formal mastopexy without an implant and a panniculectomy with a very large abdominoplasty with liposuction of her hips. Due to her young age, we will not plicate the rectus sheath or tighten the muscle. This will allow her to have normal child birth in the future.

The patient was filed for CBS Early Show and will be presented in March 2010 at National Television in New York. Surgery intraoperatively was filed with the crew and the patient did extraordinarily well. We had an uneventful course, no bleeding and postoperatively no evidence of infection and she scarred quite well. She is still in the early healing phases. She is only eight weeks out currently. The patient has had all of her sutures removed and now has excellent results. She is just starting the Kelo-Cote silicone gel spray twice a day for the next three months. Her before photos show severe grade 3 ptosis with her breasts well below the inframammary fold. The nipple was approximately 10 cm below the inframammary fold. Her massive abdominal pannus with skin hangs well below the pubic area. She now has on her postoperative photo a nice breast lift with a nice tightening procedure. The small amount of darkened skin underneath the areola is actually part of her previous areola which was over 12 cm wide. This hyperpigmented area, which is actually areola skin will be able to be removed in the future, approximately six months to a year post-surgically when the tension and stress is reduced.


She has a nice abdominoplasty result. As you can see, the lower abdominal wall is completely flattened and tightened and there is no redundant skin. The hips have been reduced in size due to liposuctioning and lipo-contouring. We are pleased to show a typical result of a formal mastopexy panniculectomy on a patient who has had massive weight loss. This patient did this extraordinary weight loss without bariatric surgery, without a lap band or any type of gastric surgery. She should be commended for her excellent work at the age of 18. To lose half your body weight is quite a feat. We are very thrilled and pleased with her results and excited to see her on National TV on CBS Early Show in March 2010.