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Posted On: January 28, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants, Home

Breast Implant Warranty Options by NATRELLE® Collection:



The Allergan   NATRELLE® Collection with exceptional warranties.  Their lifetime product replacement policy occurs with both the Confidence Plus and Confidence Plus Premier.  They do also have increased financial assistance to $3500 with the Confidence Plus Premier for silicone gel implants for which there is no enrollment fee necessary.  Also, they allow for free contralateral implant replacement.  The NATRELLE® Collection  saline warranty options with Confidence Plus Premier requires a $100 enrollment fee and they do allow for contralateral replacement complimentary with a rupture to one side.  It is $2400 Confidence Plus Premier financial assistance towards operating room anesthesia and surgical fee coverage.  This is a limited time option, according to NATRELLE® Collection, as starting January 1, 2011, the option warranty coverage to Premier will again be a $100 enrollment fee and financial assistance will again be $2400 rather than $3500.  Please refer to articles with  NATRELLE® Collection warranty options for more information.