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Posted On: August 15, 2014 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants, Breast Revision, Breast topics, Ruptured Implant, Uncategorized


This is a case study with a patient that I personally performed a breast augmentation 15 years ago on. She has developed a right ruptured implant and some bottoming out over the last15 years. At the time, only low profile implants were available. Low profile 390 cc saline implants were used. Scar tissue was also found in the upper pole of the breast causing inferior displacement of the implants.

The patient desired fuller breasts in order to regain upper polefullness and decrease lateral width. A high profile saline exchange was performed. Notice the postoperative day one result. This shows upper pole fullness, excellent cleavage, and there is no further widening of the bag; however, the nipple areolar complexes are now situated centrally in the breast and the bottoming out has been completely corrected without any form of inferior capsulorraphy or any skin excision. Simple reducing the low profile flat to a high profile saline, opening up the superior capsule through the inframammary approach, has allowed for an excellent result of centralization of the nipple areolar complex and complete abolishment of the bottoming out.