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Ruptured Silicone Implant With Severe Disfigurement

Posted On: July 15, 2014 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants, Breast Revision, Breast topics, Uncategorized

The patient presents with an excellent case example of severe deformity and distortion of the right breast with ruptured silicone calcified breast implants. Preoperative evaluation shows hardening with severe encapsulation with silicone calcified granulomas in the right breast.

Notice the disfigurement of the breast and the flattening of the inframammary fold down to the bottom of the right breast. Postoperatively, she has a complete open capsulectomy, softening of the breast pockets with style 68 high profile over-filled saline implants to reduce the visible rippling because her tissue is so thin. Symmetry is excellent. Cleavage is great. The folds are even and the upper poles are soft and at the same level. The patient is now three months postoperative and is extraordinarily happy with the results. She will maintain vitamin E orally to reduce recurrent scar tissue with tissue expansion exercises. This is an excellent example of asymmetry with severe disfigurement associated with ruptured calcified implants.