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Posted On: January 21, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants


Silicone gel implants are used widely now that moratorium for disuse of them has been lifted.  We use silicone gel implants every week here in Beverly Hills.  Patients fly in from all over the world, including Summerlin Las Vegas where Dr. Linder sees patients as well.  Silicone gel implants with Allergan Pharmaceutical Corporation or the Natrelle gel implants come in three different profiles, Style 10 Moderate Plus, Style 15 and High Profile Style 20.

 Silcone Gel Implants Before and After

Silcone Gel Implants Before and After

In the majority of cases we do prefer Style 20 high profile silicone gel cohesive implants from Allergen Natrelle due to the fuller bag, increased AP projection and less diameter or width.  The Moderate Plus implant has also been shown to be useful for patients who desire a little less upper pole fullness, but would like to reduce some of the lateral diameter.  The Style 15, which is the moderate plus gel implant, is useful for patients who desire to go to a smaller size such as a small to mid “C”.  The Moderate Style 10 Natrelle gel Allergen implants are very flat, very wide and Dr. Linder does not prefer to use these implants in any of his patients.  These implants are extraordinarily wide, they have minimal AP projection and in exception of an unusual case where you need significant diameter and width, we do not use these implants.