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The No Lift Breast Reposition

Posted On: May 15, 2013 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants, Breast Revision, Home


The patient presents with bilateral laterally displaced implants with a deflating left saline implant.  The patient desires to have high profile fuller implants that are narrower and also to bring the nipples lower due to severe bottoming out, right side greater than the left.  She is a perfect candidate for removal and replacement of high profile saline implants of 550 Mentor salines placed, removal of her previous 325 and 335 Mentor low profile implants and replaced with 500 to 550 cc high profile saline, open capsulotomies medially, superior open capsulectomy and inferior periareolar lift inversed, allowing the repositioning of the nipple areolar complex inferiorly with raising the upper pole to greater fullness and less lateral fullness.  Notice her before photographs show a deflating left saline implant, the nipple areolar complexes are laterally displaced, the right nipple areolar complex is superior and is bottoming out significantly.  That is the distance from the bottom of areola fold is significantly longer than the left side.

The postoperative photos are three weeks.  Sutures have not been removed.  The patient has high profile saline Mentor implants, 500 filled to 550.  The cleavage is exceptionally good.  The upper pole fullness is exactly what she desired.  There is left lateral fullness.  The patient actually looks thinner in her bra even though her volume has gone up significantly due to the change in profile of the bag.  Notice also the nipples are evened out and the right inferior areola has lowered and is more centralized significantly without any form of capsulorraphy or internal scar tissue tightening.  This is an excellent example in which very specific open capsulotomies with implant replacement with larger high profile saline implants and repositioning of the areola inferiorly by simply inversed periareolar lift can allow for a more centralized beautiful breast without scars throughout the breast or without the need for capsulorrhaphies internally.