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Posted On: November 28, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast topics, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

In my practice, approximately 98% of my patients are female. Having performed thousands upon thousands of body sculpting procedures, I have been able to decipher my own cognitive perception of female beauty. Their form can be composed of standard proportions of the three body areas. In general, I look at each woman’s body from the shoulders to the inframammary fold or zone one. The secondary zone is from the inframammary fold and subcostal region to the inguinal region just above the groin area. The third zone is the lower third composing the lower extremities or thighs. In my practice, my number one desire is to create proportionality. When placing implants, it is vital to understand the female anatomical landmarks and measurements, including the height of the nipple areolar complex to the inframammary fold, the diameter of the inframammary fold, the thickness of the female pectoralis major muscle and comparison with the amount of glandular and fatty breast tissue superficial to the muscle.

Understanding the female’s chest wall anatomy and the proportionality, including shoulders to inframammary fold, intrasternal distances and intra nipple areolar complex distances, allows me to best fit each specific breast implant and type of implant, saline vs. silicone, to each specific woman’s body, according to desires and proportionality. The midriff area or zone two with female plastic surgery is important in that a specific curvature from the flank or the subcostal margin to the iliac crest or anterior superior iliac spine have a concave shape, allowing for reduction of a boxy or square appearance. This can be performed using bi-directional tumescent liposuction as well as the muffin top procedure for removing fat continuing in the lower belt region along the periumbilical area.

Finally, the lower third in which there is a disproportion of fat in the female form with the anteromedial and posterolateral saddlebags, can be nicely sculpted to reduce the gynoid appearance that can be seen or the pear appearance that women attempt to get rid of. Bi-directional, double layer, tumescent liposculpturing of the lateral saddlebags will help to smooth out the lateral thigh as well as reduction of the anteromedial thigh fat pad help to reduce the touching of the inner thighs, narrowing the lower third to make it proportionate with the upper and mid third of the female form. Watching and having performed thousands and thousands of body sculpting procedures, including breast enhancements, breast lifts, breast reductions, total body liposculptures, paniculectomies and full abdominoplasties on women every week, has allowed me to understand the female form at its greatest and create the most beautiful proportionality for women worldwide.