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Breast Revision With Lift

· May 11, 2017

breast revision

Pre-Op & Post-Op 2-Weeks

The patient presented is 28 years old and was looking to revise a previous breast augmentation. During her examination, I could see that her right breast had a downward elevation of the nipple-areola and a lower inframammary fold due to bottoming out. The left breast had scar tissue, also known as capsular contracture, which had formed around the implant. After listening to her expectations and agreeing on her goals to regain her breast appearance, we scheduled a surgery date.

During her surgery, I removed the old implants, repaired the breast pockets, and placed 425 cc saline high profile breast implants. I overfilled the 425 cc to 500 cc in both implants to create fullness and performed a Benelli Lift technique to raise the nipple slightly on the right side.

As you can see by the patient photo to the right, she is now four weeks post-surgery, and she has balanced symmetry and nice volume in both breasts.

after photo breast revision

Post-Op Photo 4-Weeks

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