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High Riding Breast Implants

Posted On: December 24, 2008 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants

High riding implants occur when the inframammary fold is not released accurately or adequately. This can often occur with transaxillary augmentation where the implants are placed through the armpit and the implants are not allowed to fall and descend to the normal natural inframammary fold. Women, who are very small preoperatively, have hypoplastic breasts, ectomorphic build and have minimal breast tissue, may have a poor ill-defined inframammary fold. As a result, the transaxillary approach or transumbilical approach may lead to the fold not being released correctly or lowered to the correct position, which may allow the implant to sit too high on the woman’s chest.

Before & After PatientBefore & After Patient

Because Dr. Linder is a world renowned breast revision specialist and breast revision surgeon, it is his job to release the inframammary fold correctly on a virgin augmentation as well as to repair it on patients who need revision surgery. Often, Dr. Linder sees patients with implants that are too high, that simply do not have the release of the parasternal and the lateral attachments of the pec major muscle. The muscle acts as a catcher’s mitt, elevating the implant and causing a very unnatural appearance to the chest. When considering high riding implant revision, only go to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who have the experience to fix this problem.