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Reducing Rippling of the Breast

Posted On: March 08, 2011 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Revision, Breast topics, Home


Patients present to me who either have had multiple breast augmentation or breast revision surgeries and/or ectomorphic with minimal amounts of breast tissue to start.  They may encounter visibility or rippling of the implant along the medial breast edge. This can occur even on a primary augmentation on very thin ectomorphic patients who have minimal amounts of breast tissue or have prominent costochondral junctions.  Methods to reduce visibility around the medial breast can include changing the implant to a rounder style implant.  Style 45 high profile silicone gels, which are the extra high profile rounder implants, greatly reduce the visibility and rippling.  By physics, the rounder the object becomes, the less palpability and/or visibility along the edge of the implant.  As a result, we have had excellent results removing moderate and moderate plus silicone implants and/or textured saline implants and replacing them with style 45 high profile gel implants.  This can be done as well with a cellular dermal matrix graft which may be placed along the medial breast in order to allow for more tissue coverage.

Please see the example of the style 45 high profile gel implant.  Note that it does have increased AP projection, narrow based and increased upper pole fullness.  This implant may not be for all women.  However, it will help to reduce the visibility and palpability of the implant edge.  We have used this in the last two weeks on four patients from London to the United States (Ohio) for reconstruction purposes and this style 45 implant has shown to reduce the visibility and rippling on each of those patients.  Consider this implant for reducing medial breast cleavage rippling which can be a difficult problem to repair.