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Repair of Double-Bubble Breast Deformity

Posted On: May 31, 2011 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision

Repair of Double-Bubble Breast DeformityRecently, I performed another interesting breast revision surgery on a patient from Las Vegas, Nevada.  This patient is a performer in one of the Super Shows in Las Vegas.  She had implants placed twice by previous surgeons.  She developed scar tissue contracture with superior retroposition of the implant.  She had a horrendous double-bubble deformity which I refer to as a “catcher’s mitt” syndrome.  This is simply where the muscles are not detached along the parasternal ribcage and also around the lateral inframammary fold.  In the operating room it was found that the implants could not be lowered without complete release and transection of these muscle attachments through the chest wall.  Once this was appropriately performed, the implants laid perfectly.  She went to a smaller silicone gel implant and the final stage included a formal mastopexy revision and removing skin from around the nipple areolar complex and vertically along the inframammary fold.  She will now be able to perform pain-free.  The implants now lie in the appropriate inferior position and the nipple areolar complex has been recentralized to the middle of her chest wall along the breast mound.