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Ruptured 20-Year-Old Saline Implant Removal

Posted On: July 09, 2018 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision

A patient from Oklahoma traveled to my Beverly Hills practice to consult with me about the lost volume in her left breast. During the consultation, it was apparent that she had a deflation (see pre-op photo) and during our discussion, she stated that she had a primary augmentation about 20 years ago. After listening to her and setting the expectation, we agreed to schedule surgery to remove both implants and replace with 390 cc saline implants.

The video below is part of the surgery where I am removing the left ruptured implant. I removed the implant through a periareolar incision; the implant was a textured saline implant that was completely deflated.

The post-op photo is one week out, and as you can see, both breasts are now symmetric. She will be wearing a LINDERBRA™ for four to six weeks to keep the implants in the correct position.

Breast Deflation Before and After

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