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Posted On: May 29, 2012 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home, Media, Ruptured Implant

The video below is an excellent example and description of a patient recently that had ruptured textured saline implants.  The patient had implants placed 14 years ago, did not have any implant information; however, she had a deflation of the left implant with the left breast showing significant loss of volume as well as severe asymmetry.

In the operating room it can be seen that the patient’s implant came out quite smoothly, although textured.  Sometimes the textured coating is only lightly adherent to the capsule surrounding it.  A small portion of the capsule was removed concurrently with the implant.  The textured implant upon removal from the video is yellow in appearance, indicating a chronic rupture, with no fluid within in the implant, also indicating that this implant is completely ruptured and there is no volume whatsoever.  Scar tissue contracture or round implants that have collapsed over years can be very severe.  After explantation of this implant, the pocket was irrigated, capsulectomy was performed and the implants replaced with high profile silicone gel implants.

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